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TAPROGGE Service Life Extension

An investment in the future: modernizing existing TAPROGGE systems.

Markets in the future will demand flexible capacities. However, it is often not possible to expand plant capacities simply by constructing new facilities. In these cases, extending the service life of the systems is an effective way of increasing capacity.

A similar challenge arises due to technical advancements and the expected service life of today’s facilities which are now 30 to 50 years old. In these cases, it makes sense to extend system service life. Solutions developed by TAPROGGE offer plant operators valuable cost benefits because this dispenses with the need to completely reinvest.

Control Systems Modification

Modern control systems based on PLC technology have gained international acceptance. TAPROGGE therefore offers customers the opportunity to upgrade older control systems based on relay technology and to convert them to programmable PLC technology.


  • space-saving and more compact controls
  • fewer breakdowns and it is easier to troubleshoot issues by reducing electrical contacts
  • considerably easier to change the programming
  • greater reliability thanks to programmable adjustable timers etc.
  • possible to integrate the control system into a centralized works control system using data transfer
  • system status and programming changes are easy to view on the operator display
  • changes can be made to default procedures without the need for time-consuming reprogramming efforts by authorized personnel
  • connection to the control center

Strainer Type HE/MF Modification

Since TAPROGGE Tube Cleaning Systems were invented in the early 1950s, TAPROGGE installed thousands of strainer sections based on the original HE type, from the DN 100 to the DN 4,200 series, in more than 80 countries.

The strainer section was continually developed from this point on. The objective was to reduce the complexity of the technical equipment and to make it more robust when combatting macrofouling in cooling water. This led to the development of the Type D 2 which has now set strainer section standards around the world.

TAPROGGE also developed the HE/MF modification solution to help operators transition from the first-generation strainer section so they could reap the benefits of the latest technical advancements available in the new D 2 version. The HE/MF strainer modification solution essentially does away with the numerous moving components that were in the HE strainer and replaces them with a simple, fixed, hydrodynamically optimized device which siphons off the cleaning balls. The modification does not require pump performance to be increased.

The special HE/MF betterment enables operators to achieve the benefits of modern D 2 technology with considerably lower investment costs.

Other benefits include:

  • strainer breakdowns due to macrofouling are significantly reduced
  • increased operational benefits as cleaning ball circulation is improved and it is possible to further eliminate the causes of ball loss
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • spare parts requirements are substantially reduced as it is no longer necessary to rely on numerous moving components that would formerly be located in the cooling water

Filter Type TB/MF Modification

In 1967, TAPROGGE launched a solution that automatically filtered macrofouling in cooling water circuits in power stations: the Type TB Turbulence Filter was born. This filter was taken up by the market with great success.

More than 700 of the basic filter type were installed by TAPROGGE worldwide.

In terms of technical performance in the cooling water filtration domain, a further milestone reached by TAPROGGE was the development of PR-BW technology (Pressure-Relieved BackWash). The system has now assumed the position of the global gold standard.

In order to enable TAPROGGE customers to transition from TB filters to this level of performance, taking into account existing installation environments, TAPROGGE developed the TB/MF filter modification. It can now be implemented in six simple steps in a standardised way.

Basic Benefits of this Modification:

  • lower amount of investment required to install the TB/MF conversion kit in the TB filter housing which is already in place
  • increases performance (debris removal capacity per time up to 30 times higher)
  • increases the filter safety margin in response to “worst case scenarios”, particularly when fouling accumulates sporadically at different times of the year, during storms, floods and similar scenarios.
  • The entire cleaning process is optimized from the preliminary cleaning process through to the heat exchangers that need to be protected.


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