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Karriere bei TAPROGGE

Careers at TAPROGGE

For over 60 years, our company has successfully provided high-quality solutions for the international power generation industry, one of the most challenging industries in the world. Our customers operate in an industry that continues to be underpinned by core values such as stability, reliability and consistent quality.

We have earned our position as the world market leader due to the range of solutions we offer. We have achieved our success by adhering to the industry’s core values and by consistently pursuing a focused internationalization strategy which has resulted in the establishment of subsidiaries and sales agencies in nearly every country in the world. Our Key Success Factors: We understand our customers’ needs and deliver exactly what is required, whether a project or an engineered-to-order solution. We deliver new systems that are tailored to meet a power plant’s unique requirements; we can retrofit and modernize power plants in accordance with the on-site conditions and we can provide customized spare parts even if the original parts were fitted many years ago.

We would clearly not have achieved, or continue to achieve, our success without our teams of highly trained and motivated employees. Most companies would naturally make this claim, however, working for a global medium-sized business such as TAPROGGE offers something different from the norm. If you are looking for a job with long-term prospects that involves well-defined and clearly documented tasks, you would enjoy working for us. However, working for us would not suit you if you are the kind of person who waits for your supervisor to issue specific orders for you to follow every day. We are looking for applicants who can offer excellent qualifications and specialist knowledge, who enjoy working in a flat hierarchical organization structure, who can work on their own initiative and who believe it is important to be able to express their own personality in their profession.

Job vacancies

Our company is internationally focused and our work is predominantly project-based which enables us to offer a wide range of careers, particularly those of a technical nature. The range of careers extends from qualified skilled jobs working in our modern machine parks in our production facilities through to challenging technical roles in the fields of development, design, project engineering, electrical engineering, sales and service. Our market environment also demands that employees working in our commercial departments have high levels of technical expertise, e.g. in our purchasing, IT and shipping management departments.