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TAPROGGE Application Technology

We offer lots of services, but only have one goal: efficiency optimization

TAPROGGE has a wealth of expertise and knowledge derived from decades of experience. This enables us to advise, support and train you so that you can achieve the best possible efficiency levels.

Application Technology Consultancy Service

Application technology provides recommendations to enable TAPROGGE systems to be operated at optimum levels. This applies to all TAPROGGE components (IN-TA-CT®), tasks performed by the heat exchanger and the effects on the whole system. The cleaning ball plays an important part in achieving this task, along with other elements.

Based on:

  • on-site inspections and ball circulation tests;
  • addressing various issues,
    • such as, fouling, scaling or corrosion;
  • operational changes,
    • such as, cooling water conditioning or changes to the tubing system in the heat exchanger;

    appropriate recommendations are provided in order to improve the operational performance of the TAPROGGE system.

    Examples of types of modifications to the TAPROGGE system that are recommended include:

    • cleaning intensity
    • cleaning interval
    • cleaning ball circulation/distribution
    • general re-evaluation of the cleaning ball
    • component adjustments
    • the requirement to use filters.

    The objective of application technology consultancy is to increase efficiency and optimize the cost-effectiveness of your plant using the TAPROGGE System.

    Contact: service@taprogge.de

On-Site Diagnostics

Heat exchanger inspections:

Heat exchanger inspections are an essential way to determine if there are any potential system errors and to establish whether it is possible to optimize the heat exchanger in any way. Changes that have occurred over time can be detected through continuous monitoring and documentation.

The following areas are inspected:

  • tubes (on the cooling water side)
  • water box  (including tube sheet)

The following issues are identified:

  • condition of the heat exchanger
  • fouling
  • cleaning ball circulation over the tube sheet
  • dead spots

Flow rate measurements:

Ultrasound flow rate measurement is a very precise method

  • for the hydraulic dimensioning of cooling water installations
  • to determine thermodynamic cost-benefit analyses
  • as a diagnostic tool in the event of system breakdowns

Corundum ball cleaning:

Used to:

  • remove hard deposits,
    • such as CaCO3 (calcium carbonate) or barnacles
  • remove corrosion products
  • remove damaging foreign protective films
  • smooth off the tube surfaces

Corundum balls in copper­ alloy tubes should only be used on the recommendation of TAPROGGE experts. Corundum balls are only used for the amount of time recommended.

Protective layer:

To ensure optimum heat transfer, the heat exchanger tubes must be free from scaling and be protected against corrosion attack with a protective film that is as thin as possible.


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E-Mail: info@taprogge.de