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Integrated TAPROGGE Services

IN-TA-S® stands for “Integrated TAPROGGE Services” and is a successful service concept based on integrated thinking.

In the same way that IN-TA-CT® centers on the needs of planners and contractors, IN-TA-S® focuses on plant operators’ specific service needs. This means that IN-TA-CT® and IN-TA-S® are aligned perfectly with each other because both concepts originate from one and the same source.

IN-TA-S® provides operators with reliable and comprehensive support throughout the entire life of the system. The service concept extends the installation, operation, maintenance, concurrent optimisation and monitoring, through to comprehensive system overhauls and upgrades that will extend the service life of the IN-TA-CT® modules.

With over 60 IN-TA-S® specialists, the TAPROGGE service network is the only one of its kind in the world

IN-TA-S® is immensely important for plant operators because it brings long-term and financial added value.

You specify which optimisation level you would like to achieve!

TAPROGGE technology is process technology. By purchasing this system, you are initially only acquiring the tool to operate your plant more efficiently. However, the extent to which efficiency increases and the commercial benefits that can be realised depend and can be clearly demonstrated by the operating method that is optimal for each application. As an operator of TAPROGGE technology, you are fully entitled to use IN-TA-S®.

Use our high levels of expertise at your premises.

We will be happy to help!

Expertise is derived from knowledge and experience. IN-TA-S® is an unparalleled solution because it is based on a unique database which enables systems to be configured in an optimum way to improve plant efficiency. The database is the only one of its kind in the world and contains application information from more than 5,000 TAPROGGE installations.

Our outstanding level of expertise provides you with significantly more performance and increases plant availability.

This makes IN-TA-S® modular!

The individual IN-TA-S® services are based on a modular system. This enables you to determine exactly which service levels you require which can be adapted to suit your needs on every occasion.

We are always close at hand!

There is a TAPROGGE expert available nearby to support you. You can rely on assistance from IN-TA-S® centers based in 10 regions of the world and order components from three TAPROGGE production centers.

Quality you can trust!

As an IN-TA-S® user, you can automatically rely on IN-TA-CT® and all other high-quality features which are synonymous with the TAPROGGE name. The compatibility of the IN-TA-CT® modules, which is already achieved from the outset, is particularly useful.
As an IN-TA-S® user, you can build on the IN-TA-CT® system which enables you to protect your investment, thereby reducing costs.


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