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Mission completed! Turn-Key installation of TAPROGGE Debris Filters successfully realized in Hong Kong under Covid-19 restrictions

When we took the turn-key contract, nobody had a clue what “Covid-19” was. But after delivery of the equipment to site, the question of how to master the installation during the Corona pandemic became imminent.

The Hong Kong power company relied on TAPROGGE – and TAPROGGE delivered. In time and despite Corona! Our installation supervisor volunteered to go to Hong Kong to complete the job and did not leave the power plant throughout the peak time of Covid-19, i.e. for a period of 3 months, until the job was fully completed.

We are proud that we could demonstrate that we were a reliable partner when help was really needed. We would like to thank our friends in Hong Kong for their great support and for the comfort they gave us because we knew that our expert was in good and safe hands.