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Sponge rubber ball coated with corundum ring for all types of cooling water and special hydraulic conditions


Sponge rubber ball coated with corundum ring (corundum ring ball) for stainless steel and titanium tubes and all types of cooling water.

The use of this cleaning ball in copper-alloy tubes is subject to a TAPROGGE recommendation.


For the removal of hard scaling as calcite, residuals or corrosion products.

Cleaning frequency

Cleaning frequency and number of circulating cleaning balls must be determined after tests in the TAPROGGE laboratory.

Special features

Cleaning ball basic type S300 with ring-shaped corundum coating.

To ensure effective cleaning, the ball charge is exchanged once the (ring-shaped) coating (here: at two points) has worn off from most of the cleaning balls.

This cleaning ball should not be used as regular operating ball

Application for particularly thick and hard scaling (layers). This is removed by the increased contact pressure at two points.


The microscopically visible scoring resulting from the ball use is smaller than the scoring resulting from the manufacture of the stainless steel and titanium tubes itself. Corundum ring balls clean at merely 2 points (from an extreme point of view, the tubes would become oval). Therefore, the use of corundum ring balls must always be followed by a cleaning sequence with totally coated corundum balls.

Uncontrolled use of this cleaning ball type may damage tubes and system parts.