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Digestate Residue Processing in Biogas Plants

Surface water and silage effluent treatment

  • 100% reduction in surface water and digestate:
    NO longer necessary to spread digestate on the fields
  • Eligible for the CHP bonus
    MAXIMUM cost efficiency
  • Less strain on final storage facilities of digestate residues
    INCREASES storage capacity
  • Guaranteed inlet quality
    IRRESPECTIVE of the type of contamination

Processing of digestion residues

  • 70% reduction in volumes
    REDUCES transport costs
  • Organic fertiliser which is 100% eligible for credits
    ensures fertiliser regulation compliance
  • Nutrient separation
    through the production of various types of fertiliser (ASL, concentrated sludge, etc.)
  • Eligible for the CHP bonus
    MAXIMUM cost efficiency


Digestates and their disposal are one of the greatest challenges that need to be faced when operating biogas plants.

Terrawater has developed its TerraOrganic product range to include a digestate residue processing system which has been adapted to suit the requirements of biogas plants. This integrated and sustainable system is used to separate nutrients and reduce volumes.

This modular system makes it easy to adapt to the most varied conditions that are present in each biogas plant. Parameters such as “available heat” and “digestate residue volumes” are taken into account, as well as “nutrient separation” and “transport cost reduction”.

Benefits Summary:

  • Four types of fertiliser are produced:
    • A solid top dressing fertiliser
    • A concentrated sludge containing phosphate
    • An ammonium sulphate solution
    • A defined digestate concentrate
  • Appropriate and targeted fertilising: The fertiliser can be mixed to suit specific local soil requirements.
  • Separating water reduces volumes.
  • Heat requirements can be adapted to suit the conditions at the biogas plant.


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