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INTAKE System in MSF and MED Plants

IN-TA-CT® for MSF and MED Seawater Desalination Plants

MSF Water Extraction

Multi-Stage Flash Distillation (MSF) involves a thermal desalination process. Seawater and brackish water are generally used as raw water (source product).

Raw water pre-treatment should provide both the installed seawater pumps and the heat rejection section and heat recovery section in the MSF plant that is connected downstream with effective macrofouling protection. The modular components in the IN-TA-CT® system offer an effective solution that provides the highest levels of operational availability.

Depending on the size of the MED plants, the following configurations are available:

  1. TAPIS® > TAPROGGE High-Performance Debris Filters (Type PR-BW 800 and Type PR-BW 800-C)
  2. Coarse bar screen > fine bar screen > TAPROGGE High-Performance Debris Filters (Type PR-BW 800 and Type PR-BW 800-C)

Unlike earlier designs, the IN-TA-CT® system does not require travelling band screens or drum screens during the preliminary purification process because this job can now be performed by considerably more powerful High-Performance Debris Filters which are connected downstream and are placed in a more effective position. It is therefore no longer necessary to spend money during the water extraction process on ineffective travelling band machines and drum screens which require high levels of maintenance.
Using IN-TA-CT®  reduces the level of investment required for process engineering equipment and construction costs for the water extraction process.


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