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INTACT Grafik Umlaufkühlung


The Integrated TAPROGGE Concept

Inefficiencies and loss of operational availability always have a cause:

Surface waters used in large cooling water circuits or in seawater desalination plants contain contaminants which, depending on location and type of receiving water, can significantly vary in both quantity and composition. The accumulation of these unwanted contaminants in heat exchangers situated downstream and their pipe systems is described as fouling. A distinction is drawn between macrofouling and microfouling based on the appearance of the contaminants and where they are deposited.

IN-TA-CT® (INTEGRATED TAPROGGE CONCEPT) has been developed by TAPROGGE to offer a completely integrated range of modular components which successfully combat fouling problems. IN-TA-CT® is an effective and comprehensive solution which prevents inefficiencies and loss of operational availability that are caused by fouling.

In order to ensure that you can continue to use the IN-TA-CT® module you have acquired over the long term, we have created IN-TA-S® an innovative and extremely efficient one-stop service concept which provides the full range of expert support services that are required for day-to-day operations. The TAPROGGE modular system – designed to meet the individual needs of every application.

IN-TA-CT® offers planners, contractors and buyers a range of financial benefits:

  • Planning implemented by TAPROGGE clearly shows that using the highly efficient IN-TA-CT® modules enables more intelligent layouts to be used than those found so far in the mechanical cleaning chain in cooling water systems and that this reduces the amount of investment that is required.
  • The modular design of IN-TA-CT® makes it possible to adapt flexibly in terms of budgeting, safety policy and functional scope.
  • IN-TA-CT®, a one-stop solution by TAPROGGE. The result: reduced administrative effort, processing costs and cycle times.
  • IN-TA-CT® enhances process reliability to an unusually high degree by guaranteeing the use of a fully integrated system. Previous interface issues become a thing of the past.
  • As a user of IN-TA-CT®, you can automatically rely on TAPROGGE quality features which are fully recognized across the world. In addition, the end user has unlimited access to IN-TA-S®.



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