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Filter Typ PR-BW 600

TAPROGGE Cooling Water Debris Filter PR-BW 600

Compact and easy to maintain

The PR-BW 600 is a universal backwash filter which is used in high-performance areas for volumetric flows of up to approx. 20,000 m³/h. This filter concept has been designed to deal with the usual problems that arise in these processes that do not involve special requirements.

It has a compact design, is easy to maintain and cost-effective.

Technical data

Volume flow:approx. 2,000 - 20,000 m³/h
Nominal connection widths:DN 800 - DN 1,600
Filtration grade:5 mm (standard) – 13 mm
Filter element:Stainless steel perforated plate
Housing material:Steel, rubberlined
Temperature:max. 80 °C
Quantity of dischargeable fouling:1.1 ltr./m³ cooling water (depending on the type of fouling)
Controller:Programmable logic controller
Options:Bypass valve; FilterOptimizer; Remote Monitoring Service

Features and Benefits

This impressive filter series successfully fulfils requirements in terms of performance capabilities, safety, ease of maintenance and installation options in restricted spaces.

The basic structural and process engineering concept which has underpinned TAPROGGE’s successful PR-BW 100 filter series for many years can also be used with larger nominal diameters and volumetric flow rates.
This filter series stands out from the crowd thanks to the high safety levels provided by this tried-and-tested concept, its greater ease of maintenance and the very short standard overall structural lengths.
All drive systems, mountings and seals are easy to access externally. The short overall structural lengths also provide different types of installation options in places where space is limited, which is especially useful during retrofitting work.

This product is setting new standards in terms of efficiency thanks to the strong focus on rigorous standardisation. Low volumes of backwash water and low pressure loss minimise operating costs. The variable rotor speeds also enable the filter to be adjusted to accommodate different fouling loads.

The filter is set up ready for the FilterOptimizer to be installed; this is an intelligent tool which optimises the backwash point. An integrated bypass solution is available for special safety and operational availability requirements.


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