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Reinigungsanlage Typ CCS

Type CCS Strainer Section

An energy saving program for air conditioning systems

The optimised Type CCS system for water-cooled condensers in air conditioning units is based on TAPROGGE’s tried-and-tested cleaning principle. Microfouling hinders the thermal efficiency of water-cooled condensers even in what are considered to be closed cooling water circuits. This applies to both cooling applications and heat pump applications.

In terms of functionality and cost, the rigid Type F1 and Type T1 strainer sections have been perfected for these applications (with typical cooling water flows of approx. 125 – 1,750 m³/h).
This is where TAPROGGE cleaning balls are separated before the heat exchanger via the ball injection device and fed into the cooling water flow. The cleaning balls are then injected again before the heat exchanger through the recirculating unit consisting of the ball collector and the recirculating pump, which is directly mounted onto the collector, and the connecting pipework.
The corresponding controller regulates the system and reliably provides information on the respective operating conditions.

Technical data

Model series:CCS
Volume flow:125 – 1,750 m³/h
Nominal connection widths:DN 150 – DN 500
Strainer version:
(Type F1)
Strainer inserted upright, no welding
Housing material:Steel, rubberlined
Temperature:max. 80 °C
Controller:electronic control unit ensures the system operates fully automatically and enables the cleaning intervals to be selected
Options:upon request, e.g. pressure and temperature measuring points
Special versions:upon request

Features and Benefits

  • TAPROGGE CCS systems consistently maintain heat transfer levels on condensers and ensure that the compressors are not subjected to as much mechanical stress, as proven by the fact that the system uses between 10 to 20% less energy.
  • In terms of actual requirements, space requirements and functionality, this optimised system operates in accordance with TAPROGGE’s renowned cleaning principle using TAPROGGE’s tried-and-tested sponge rubber balls which have earned an outstanding reputation in power station applications.
  • Our modular product options make it easy for you to find the right solution to suit your application’s requirements which is achieved with the assistance of our experienced engineers.


„Our experience means you are in safe hands.“

  • As the innovator and world market leader of continuously operating tube cleaning systems that use sponge rubber balls, we are experts in what we are doing.
  • We offer the most comprehensive range of cleaning balls in the world. This enables us to provide the right tools for the job to ensure your plants can operate and to solve your specific problems.
  • Our very own ball laboratory also develops cleaning balls to suit your specific type of cooling water to ensure the cleaning results remain consistent.

Product Features

  • Enhancements achieved through carrying out flow tests ensure the lowest possible pressure losses.
  • The strainers are essentially constructed from upright bars in order to prevent fibrous contaminants from becoming interwoven and matted.
  • A Type T1 strainer funnel can also be used if necessary instead of an elliptical strainer which makes the strainer section even quicker to install.


Over 350 systems delivered


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