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Marktführerschaft durch Fokussierung

Focusing on Success

We focus on “maximizing energy and water efficiency”. This encapsulates our company’s objectives and is what drives our creative energy. Our values have remained unchanged since the company was first established.

The TAPROGGE-System”, sometimes also described as a “tube cleaning system for condensers and heat exchangers” was the first product to be produced by the company. Over the course of the years, it has undoubtedly become a byword for energy efficiency maximization at what is called the “cold end” of thermal power stations. Due to its exceptional efficiency, the system has become accepted as the industry standard across the world and has enabled the TAPROGGE company to assume the position of the world’s market leader.

Other TAPROGGE innovations, the decision to transfer this product from the energy industry to the water industry and technologies sold under the TERRAWATER and KLAREN brand names have expanded the TAPROGGE product portfolio, and have ensured that the company continues to adhere to its original core values. The technical characteristics of the individual products are very different from each other, however, our products and the people who work with them are all unified by an energy that is derived from a clear sense of focus which has enabled us to build a strong foundation for success.