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TAPROGGE Service Packages

Tailormade Solutions

Individual company maintenance and operating policies obviously determine how much and to what extent customers wish to use INTAS®services.

We use the following service package template to configure the modules in accordance with your specific requirements:

Services:General request of:

  • Spare parts *
  • Cleaning Balls *
  • O&M Services *

All services on the BASIC package

  • Regular plant inspections
  • On-demand service with availability guarantee
  • On-site spare parts management

All services on the SMART package

  • Operation of the TAPROGGE cleaning system
  • Plant operation inspection
  • Cleaning balls changed regularly
  • Ball cleaning wear and tear monitoring
  • Regular inspection of the heat exchanger


  • Cost benefits
  • Easy access as the service package has already been clarified

All the benefits of the BASIC package:

  • Regular inspections of the system(s)
  • On-site spare part and cleaning ball management included
  • Availability guarantee
  • Training provided for operating personnel

All the benefits of the SMART package:

  • System operated by IN-TA-S® specialists
  • Heat exchanger cleaning is continuously monitored by ball wear-and-tear inspections
  • Regular diagnostics by IN-TA-S® specialists

Whether you are individually ordering spare parts, cleaning balls, O&M services, TAPROGGE academy services or performance engineering & diagnostics services, IN-TA-S® service packages can provide you with exactly the right tailormade solution to suit your needs.


Icon Tel: +49 2335 762-0
E-Mail: info@taprogge.de