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In order to ensure that all the technical capabilities available are used to their full potential, TAPROGGE requires fully trained operating personnel. TAPROGGE therefore offers specialist training courses which include a final performance review.

On-site trainingSeminars
Target groups:Operating and maintenance personnelOperating and maintenance personnel
Location:On site, taking into account the special features of each operator’s systemsEfficiency and turbine engineers

Water process technicians

At TAPROGGE, with involvement from the TAPROGGE technical centre
Key elements:Knowledge of plant engineering practice (maintenance and operations)Efficiency and operating availability in the cooling water environment; water process problems relating to condenser operations and solutions; TAPROGGE system and process engineering technology with basic knowledge of how to select the appropriate type of cleaning ball

The prime and ongoing objective of IN-TA-S® is to optimise the performance of our systems in partnership with our customers.

TAPROGGE’s highly specialized team is on hand to achieve these goals. Our team can also use the required diagnostic tools with a high level of proficiency.


Icon Tel: +49 2335 762-0
E-Mail: info@taprogge.de