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Corona: Make a virtue of necessity!

You can make use of this option to have your system – or individual components – treated or rehabilitated in the TAPROGGE Workshop. This option offers many technical and economic advantages:

  • Guaranteed quality of works by competent specialists
  • Flexible reactions on unforeseeable damages
  • Availability of all special opportunities of the TAPROGGE Systems Manufacturing
  • Use of spare parts as required
  • Scope of works in close coordination with our customer.

Thanks to the TAPROGGE Workshop-Service, your systems (or parts thereof) will be returned to you in a technical and visual condition comparable to a new system.

We will be happy to assist you in all questions of dismounting, re-mounting and re-commissioning.

Please contact us for a detailed proposal. Any further information may be obtained from service@taprogge.de.

Please stay healthy!

Yours faithfully,

the TAPROGGE Service Department