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Latest news


TAPROGGE Cleaning Balls – always in motion!

Just like the TAPROGGE cleaning balls that are always in motion while in operation

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Industry 4.0

What first sounded like a futuristic vision, was tested, approved and a good month later became absolute reality

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Corona: Make a virtue of necessity!

It goes without saying that personal contacts with our customers are important to us – but if Corona doesn’t allow us to rehabilitate systems on your site, just send the systems to us.

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Mission completed!

When we took the turn-key contract, nobody had a clue what “Covid-19” was. But after delivery of the equipment to site, the question of how to master the installation during the Corona pandemic became imminent.

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CORONA has made us even stronger!

COVID-19 has changed the world. Also, we at TAPROGGE needed to comprehend and adapt quickly. For power stations, industrial plants and seawater desalination plants all over the globe, TAPROGGE is a system-relevant partner.

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Response to the expanded TAPROGGE product range exceeds expectations

After commanding worldwide market leadership for many decades in the “classic” products in the areas of water extraction systems, filtration and condenser tube cleaning, in recent years TAPROGGE...

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