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INTAKE System in Membrane Plants

IN-TA-CT® for Reverse Osmosis Seawater Desalination Plants

Water extraction and pre-treatment for membrane plants

The most widely used membrane desalination processes are reverse osmosis seawater desalination (RO) plants. The key components of these plants are the RO membranes. Due to their construction, plants of this type require water that has been pre-treated to a very high standard.

TAPROGGE IN-TA-CT® components protect and optimise standard pre-treatment stages.

A water extraction concept which reduces construction and maintenance costs

Water extraction is carried out via the patented TAPIS® water extraction process. This provides maximum protection for aquatic fauna and prevents problems that can arise when contaminants are removed. The PR-BW 100-FC filter series ensures that all particles that are capable of damaging the UF membranes can be removed from the water.

Contaminants are removed from water in very large RO plants via conventional pre-treatment systems (coarse bar screens and fine bar screens). Instead of using a travelling band screen, which is expensive and requires high levels of maintenance, the TAPROGGE High-Performance Debris Filter Type PR-BW 800 is used to protect high-pressure pumps. PR-BW 100-FC type filters subsequently ensure that the membranes do not become damaged.

Using TAPROGGE Type PR-BW 800 High-Performance Debris Filters enables this water extraction concept to continue operating even under extreme conditions, e.g. jellyfish infestation.


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