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Single-Stage System

The TAPIS® single-stage water extraction system combines the features of conventional multi-stage pre-screening systems into one single stage without the need for waste disposal.

The specially designed housing and the integrated Cling-Free© filter elements form the TAPIS® polyhedron system.

The TAPIS® polyhedron system doesn’t include any moving parts in the water which reduces maintenance costs and increases system availability.

TAPIS® is a fish-friendly solution. The Cling-Free© filter elements protect aquatic life by reducing flow velocity.

The TAPIS® system operates fully automatically. The internal polyhedral geometry facilitates extremely efficient backwashing. The modular structure of the TAPIS® system enables it to be modified to easily deal with throughput capacities and local topography.

Technical data

Model series:TAPIS®
Basic design:Single-stage system for water extraction
Volume flow/polyhedron:800 - 7,500 m³/h
Filter element:Cling-Free©
Filtration rate:
other rates available by customer request
5 - 20 mm (standard)
Material polyhedral housing:Duplex
Material filter element:Polyamide
Polyhedral housing design pressure:0.15 bar
Controller:PLC, protection class IP 65, operator panel
Options:remote monitoring

Features and Benefits

  • TAPIS® polyhedra combine the features of conventional multi-stage systems into a single-stage system. This reduces the amount of investment that is usually needed for concrete channels which are traditionally used to carry the water that is going to be extracted via a multi-stage pre-screening system.
  • TAPIS® polyhedra work without having to continually extract contaminants that have been removed. This prevents the running costs associated with environmentally friendly waste disposal from spiralling out of control.
  • TAPIS® polyhedra make backwashing much more efficient than any other type of design. Using the sealed undersides of the polyhedra as designated rebounding plates for the injected pressurised air, which is introduced during backwashing, and optimising the spray nozzle geometry, created a completely new level of cleaning performance which is more uniform in terms of both time and spatial requirements. This reduces operating costs and increases system availability.
  • TAPIS® polyhedra require a lower water level than cylindrical types which reduces construction costs.
  • TAPIS® polyhedra do not include any moving parts, which is a big advantage in terms of maintenance costs, and sets this system apart from conventional travelling band screens and drum screens which have proven to be very expensive to maintain.

Product Features

  • Each polyhedron in the TAPIS® filter elements is available with perforations of 5 – 20 mm.
  • The TAPIS® system is cleaned individually so that the entire system can operate continuously. The cooling water flow never needs to shut down during the cleaning process. The combination of compressors and compressed air tanks can be adapted and selected according to individual requirements. This enables cost-efficient operating modes to be achieved for summer and winter operations and redundancy requirements to be realized in the best possible way.
  • A chlorination pipe can also be attached to the polyhedron if required.
  • The modular design provides flexibility in terms of water volume.
  • TAPIS® is a modular component of the IN-TA-CT® system, our integrated water system optimization concept.
  • Installing a filter from the TAPROGGE PR-BW series downstream along with a TAPROGGE tube cleaning system provides an effective end-to-end solution that protects pumps and heat exchangers or condensers, which are connected downstream, from macrofouling and microfouling problems. No interfaces required with the TAPROGGE system guarantee.


Safety provided by Cling-Free© filter elements

Wedge wire screen baskets (passive screens) that were initially used as screening surfaces have not performed well in practice. For example, the narrow slots between the screens enabled organisms typically found in water to proliferate within a very short time. Furthermore, the structure of the wires that form the slotted screen provided the ideal conditions for particularly troublesome types of debris such as fibers, weeds and algae to become entangled. Cling-Free© filter elements, on the other hand, have been optimised to combat troublesome types of debris in surface waters. Cling-Free© filter element technology developed by TAPROGGE ensures that fibers are guided and aligned in the filter element without becoming tangled or causing blockages. This ability to combat debris problems is of key importance, particularly when it comes to commonly found species such as algae, seaweed and similar fibrous plants.

The programmable controller can be combined with a large number of sensors which also ensures that the system can be controlled in accordance with environmental conditions (swell, tidal range etc.).


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