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Siebeinrichtung Typ D 2

Type E 1 Strainer Section

Continuous mechanical cleaning – programmed for efficiency

The TAPROGGE tube cleaning system with the Type E 1 strainer section; for automated, continuous, mechanical cleaning of cooling tubes in heat exchangers and condensers with a cooling water flow of approx. 100 – 6,000 m³/h. A hydrodynamically optimised and backwashable elliptical strainer is used to separate TAPROGGE cleaning balls which are introduced into the cooling water flow upstream the heat exchanger via a ball injection device. The cleaning balls are then fed through the recirculating unit again, which consists of a recirculating pump and a ball collector, and the connecting pipes before the heat exchanger. A programmable logic controller regulates the system and reliably provides information about the processes that are required whilst the system is in operation.

We offer modular systems for specific applications.

Technical data

Model series:E 1
Volume flow:100 – 6,000 m³/h
Nominal connection widths:DN 150 – DN 1,000
Strainer version:Edgewise bars, bracing construction, upright, no welding
Housing material:Steel, rubberlined
Temperature:max. 80 °C
Controller:Programmable logic controller
Options:Ball Recirculation and Ball Effectiveness Monitors
Special version:available on request, e.g. explosion-proof versions
On-site turnkey installation:upon request

Features and Benefits

  • TAPROGGE cleaning systems continuously maintain heat transfer on each heat exchanger and reliably resolve any microfouling issues you are specifically experiencing.
  • Reliability and durability were and continue to be the top priorities with this highly efficient modular system, from the ball injection device, the strainer section with backwashable strainer to the recirculating unit which consists of a recirculating ball pump, a ball collector and a control cabinet.
  • These modules enable our project engineers to be highly flexible. This combined with expertise they have gained through installing thousands of different systems ensures you will have the optimum system to suit your needs. We are certain that we can solve your specific problems by configuring customised designs based on process engineering principles, including modules such as the strainer and the ball recirculating  pump, along with the right choice of materials.


„Our experience means you are in safe hands.“

  • As the innovator and world market leader of continuously operating tube cleaning systems that use sponge rubber balls, we are experts in what we are doing.
  • We offer the most comprehensive range of cleaning balls in the world. This enables us to provide the right tools for the job to ensure your plants can operate and to solve your specific problems.
  • When a suitable TAPROGGE PR-BW filter is connected to the TAPROGGE cleaning system upstream in order to comprehensively deal with macrofouling problems, we guarantee excellent and consistent heat transfer levels on the inner surfaces of the tubes.

Product Features

  • Enhancements achieved in TAPROGGE’s very own flow laboratory ensure the lowest possible pressure losses.
  • Induced secondary flows effectively prevent blockages on the suction outside the flow centre.
  • The strainers are essentially constructed from upright bars in order to prevent fibrous debris from becoming interwoven and matted.
  • The surfaces of the strainer have a braced structure without any welding in order to prevent corrosion.


Over 2,700 systems delivered


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