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Filter Typ PR-BW 800

TAPROGGE PR-BW 800 High-Performance Cooling Water Debris Filter

Optimised to deliver the highest levels of performance, safety and convenience

The PR-BW 800 is a high-performance backwash filter designed to filter cooling water in power stations and large industrial water systems.

It is suitable for volumetric flows of up to 100,000 m³/h and it also safely removes the highest concentrations of macrofouling from cooling water with its exceptional debris discharge capacities. It also effectively protects turbine condensers, heat exchangers and other consumers that are connected downstream from troublesome macrofouling issues.

Technical data

Volume flow:approx. 2,000 - 100,000 m³/h
Nominal connection widths:DN 800 – DN 3,400
Filtration grade:5 mm (standard) – 13 mm; other sizes available on request
Filter element:Perforated filter or a stainless steel grid; plastic Cling-Free© elements; hybrid elements
Housing material:Steel, rubberlined
Temperature:max. 80°C
Quantity of dischargeable fouling:2.6 ltr./m³ cooling water (depending on the type of fouling)
Controller:Programmable logic controller
Options:Bypass valve; FilterOptimizer; Remote Monitoring Service
Special versions:upon request

Features and Benefits

This TAPROGGE filter concept was developed in response to requests from operators for process engineering specifications to be individually customised and enhanced. Safe, convenient and delivers maximum performance.

The unusually high debris discharge capacities (up to 2.6 ltr.of fouling per m³ of cooling water) ensures that even the highest concentrations of fouling that suddenly arise can be reliably removed from the cooling water. In many places, installing a PR-BW 800 filter removes the need to continue operating or planning the use of a travelling band screen or drum screen upstream.

A highly efficient residue-free filter backwashing process is guaranteed by aligning the system according to the concentration and type of fouling.
This unique level of flexibility is made possible by combining the pressure-relieved multi-chamber system, the variable rotor speed and the choice of filter surfaces which are adjusted to suit the various types of fouling. It is easy to exchange each filter segment without dismantling the filter. Deep chambers also prevent the backwash rotor from becoming jammed by large particles of debris.

The rotor automatically changes direction if there are obstructions in one of the filter chambers which ensures the system can operate smoothly.

A low volume of backwash water, lower pressure losses and less drive power keep operating costs low. Various customised installation options are available which provides maximum flexibility when planning the system. It is possible to install the system on existing pipework with the complete housing casing in the steel ring between the existing flanges or on a mounting ring.

The filter is set up ready for the FilterOptimizer to be installed; this is an intelligent tool which optimises the backwash point. An integrated bypass solution is available for special safety and operational availability requirements.


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