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Filter Typ PR-BW 400

TAPROGGE Cooling Water Debris Filter PR-BW 400

The filter with redundant safety technology

The PR-BW 400 is an automatic backwash filter which filters macro particles from liquids, particularly cooling water for turbine condensers and heat exchangers. Outstanding features of this filter include the redundant safety technology, which provides four times the amount of protection against outages, and its ability to safely remove macrofouling from the cooling water.

The PR-BW 400 can be used for volumetric flows of up to 100,000 m³/h and the system has proven to be a go-to solution all over the world for applications such as cooling water circuits in power stations and nuclear power stations where operational availability and the highest levels of system reliability are top priorities.

Technical data

Volume flow:approx. 1,000 - 100,000 m³/h
Nominal connection widths:DN 500 - DN 3,400
Filtration grade:4.5 mm (standard) - 9 mm
Filter element:Stainless steel perforated plate
Housing material:Steel, rubberlined
Temperature:max. 80 °C
Quantity of dischargeable fouling:0.3 ltr./m³ cooling water (depending on the type of fouling)
Controller:Programmable logic controller
Options:Bypass valve; FilterOptimizer; Remote Monitoring Service
Special version: for nuclear industry requirements

Features and Benefits

The first version to be produced in this filter size in the world enables backwash to be carried out via the “Pressure-Relieved BackWash” (PR-BW) process. This significant increase in efficiency marks the arrival of a new standard of performance in the high-end area.

The PR-BW 400 is a safe and powerful solution even when it is not possible to measure the dimensions of the fouling particles. The generous dimensions of the four filter areas enable the filter to capture even the largest types of fouling. Furthermore, as the filter does not require separate isolation valves in the backwash pipe (which sometimes reduce the pipe diameter), this is a perfect solution in cases where it is not possible to determine the maximum diameter of the fouling particles with any degree of certainty.

The PR-BW 400 has been designed to provide four times the amount of protection against outages through the use of four independent drives.
If one of the drives fails, the filter can continue operating which guarantees the supply of cooling water.

It is possible to install the filter system (backwash valve and filter element) in any position, i.e. horizontally, vertically and at any angle in accordance with the pipework layout. If space is restricted, the filter elements can also protrude out of the water chambers in the condenser.

The PR-BW 400 is used in areas of the world that are affected by earthquakes and has been specially designed and documented for this purpose.

The filter is set up ready for the FilterOptimizer to be installed; this is an intelligent tool which optimises the backwash point. An integrated bypass solution is available for special safety and operational availability requirements. The bypass is a self-powered solution which opens automatically when a pre-defined pressure differential is achieved in the filter element.


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