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Filter Typ PR-BW 100

TAPROGGE Cooling Water Debris Filter PR-BW 100

The tried-and-tested backwash filter for cooling water and other liquids

The PR-BW 100 is an automatic backwash filter which captures macrofouling and particles from cooling water and other liquids. It is suitable for small and medium volumetric flows of up to 5,000 m³/h and its compact design means it can also be installed in positions where space is restricted. The heat exchanger which is connected downstream and other consumers are reliably protected from contamination. The special versions are even able to combat the most challenging types of contaminants which conventional filter techniques are unable to achieve.

Technical data

Volume flow:< 100 - approx. 5,000 m³/h
Nominal connection widths:DN 150 - DN 750
Filtration grade:1.5 mm – 9 mm
Filter element:stainless steel perforated plate
Housing material:rubberlined steel, stainless steel
Temperature:max. 80 °C
Quantity of dischargeable fouling:1.7 ltr./m³ cooling water (depending on the type of fouling)
Controller:Programmable logic controller
Options:Bypass valve; FilterOptimizer; Remote Monitoring Service
Special versions:for extremely challenging types of macrofouling to fulfil nuclear industry requirements
Explosion-proof version
Version made from special materials

Features and Benefits

This product series can deal with volumetric flows from < 100 to 5,000 m³/h and can handle fine filtration requirements over a filter fineness range of 1.5 to 9 mm. The compact and spherical filter design offers a high degree of flexibility when installing the component and minimises operating costs. The highly efficient “pressure-relieved backwash” is the core flushing technology which underpins the filter’s performance. This ensures the filter can serve as a reliable tool in small and medium-sized water systems, particularly where retrofitting work needs to be undertaken in areas with a limited amount of space.

This filter has proven its worth time and time again with excellent results in industrial applications and power stations. A fixed filter section provides safe filtration results which is achieved without gaps between the inlet and outlet sides of the filter section. This enables the filter to operate continuously without any manual intervention which ensures that operator’s facilities can remain permanently available for use.

The filter can be installed cost-effectively with a high degree of flexibility: as an inline version, in a 90° elbow version instead of a pipe elbow, or installed directly into the specified pipework in any other angle required.

Other benefits of this tried-and-tested design include: less space is required to accommodate the component, minimal loss of backwash water, lower pressure loss and low maintenance costs because of the filter’s low-wear construction. It is also possible to inspect all the internal components without having to dismantle the filter.


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