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Waste Water Concentration Close to Zero Liquid Discharge

Zero Liquid Discharge

Issues ranging from wastewater reduction through to preventing wastewater completely are some of the biggest challenges when it comes to combating water shortages and conserving resources.

TerraSaline (saline wastewater) and TerraOrganic (biological wastewater) have been developed to provide solutions to these problems. In addition to protecting the environment, avoiding wastewater also brings considerable financial benefits because costs related to the processing of fresh water and wastewater are reduced. The distillate produced from TERRAWATER’s evaporation process has a very high level of purity (conductivity < 10 µS) and technology developed by TERRAWATER enables power to be obtained from waste heat. These features make the systems ideal solutions for nearly every industrial process which requires process water, and which produces waste heat and wastewater.

  • Waste heat utilization
  • Chemical-free
    Environmentally friendly
  • Resource recovery
    Salt extraction
  • Process water
    Reducing fresh water requirements

Waste Water Reduction in the Paper Industry

Both waste heat and wastewater are produced in many paper mills. In most cases, there is a constant requirement for water of a consistent quality to ensure that manufacturing processes can run smoothly. The quality of the water used in the manufacturing process determines to a high degree the quality and cost of the end product. TERRAWATER has developed technologies which can produce the required volumes of process water using a wide variety of water types and wastewater by making good use of waste heat produced by your plant. All this is achieved naturally without the need for chemicals. These high-quality solutions ensure your facility can operate into the future on a constant and consistent basis.

TERRAWATER technologies are also able to process liquids ranging from black liquor through to actual “Zero Liquid Discharge”.

The heat produced from your plant can also “just” be used for the standard desalination process so that this water can then continue to be used as drinking water or process water.

  • Chemical-free
    Environmentally friendly
  • Process water
    Reducing fresh water requirements
  • Waste Heat Utilisation
  • Wastewater Reduction
    Through to ZLD


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